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Hiring the right person for your senior-level positions can take a lot of time and effort and if communication isn’t handled carefully, can damage your reputation. You may not have the resources in-house to have one or a team of people focus on this. Retained Search and Selection can provide the dedication you need.

What is Retained Search and Selection?

When you appoint an agency to support you to fill senior and executive level positions, you will pay an up-front fee (retainer). This is because a consultant or team will concentrate exclusively on your role and offer a consultative service.

Unlike contingency recruitment where consultants will focus on finding as many candidates as quickly as possible, retained search and selection sees consultants research the market for high-calibre candidates, some of whom may not be active in the recruitment market.  Once potential candidates have been headhunted, the consultant will work with you to develop a campaign that entices and promotes your company to these selected individuals.

Benefits of retained search and selection with ASC

Sole focus
We will assign you a consultant who will become part of your in-house team, being fully committed to your role only, upholding your reputation and protecting your confidentiality.

Network of contacts
Our consultants are well networked due to their in-depth knowledge of your sector. They will have access to a range of people and always build a relationship for the right candidate over a period of time.

Thorough candidate sourcing, screening, and assessment
It’s important each stage of the hiring process is seamless. That is why we take the time to ensure a candidate is right for the role and your business. Numerous conversations, face to face meetings and assessments will take place before you see a candidate.

The handling of delicate communications and negotiations with senior level candidates can be the difference between securing or losing the right person. Our consultants are experienced in managing expectations, frustrations and negotiations from senior level people which eliminates risks.

Time and cost saving
Finally, by dedicating time exclusively to your role, you save time in-house which in turn would save the cost of using in-house resources to recruit for the role.

How does it work?

To understand our approach to senior and executive level recruitment, please visit our Executive Recruitment page. If you would like to discuss our retained search and selection service in more detail, please contact us or leave your details and we’ll be in touch.

If this isn't the recruitment service you're looking for, take a look at our recruitment services page to find out what other options we offer for different hiring needs. 

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