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Looking for a job can be tiring work but that’s where ASC can help. We take that stress away, supporting you to not only find a job and company that is right for you, but we can also help you achieve your career goals!

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Why use ASC for your Job search?

We work with a range of companies across the UK

Whether you’re looking for contract, permanent or temporary work, we partner with a range of companies across the UK and are consistently working on new job opportunities that aren’t even advertised yet.

This means we can find you potential jobs and companies you wouldn’t find yourself, helping to maximise your job search.

Let us start supporting your job search today by sending your CV to us or apply to one of current job opportunities.

Industry Specialists

Our consultants specialise in one industry and are experts in their field. They know what is happening in the market and the skills employers are looking for, giving you the confidence they will support you to secure your ideal role.

Find out which consultant can support you today via our Meet the Team page.

We want to get to know you

ASC Recruitment Consultants are passionate about matching you to a job and company that fits your personality, skillset and career goals. To do this they take the time to get to know you and what you are looking for. Even if we don’t have the right job right now, we’ll stay in touch providing you with opportunities as they become available and to keep up to date on your own personal development..

Consistent Communication and Support

The service we provide to job seekers goes beyond advising you of job opportunities and interview dates. We can support you to maximise your potential to employers by:

  • Structuring your CV
  • Tailoring your interview skills for specific employers
  • Providing you with industry insights that will benefit your career progression
  • Advising how you can develop yourself to achieve your career goals
  • Supporting contractors with all the aspects of freelance working

When we do put you forward for a job opportunity, we will keep in consistent contact with you throughout the whole process and once you start your role to ensure you’ve settled in.

Read more about how you can maximise your job search and career through our company blog.


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