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Is recruitment an area that interests you? If you’re new to recruitment it’s understandable that you might not know what to expect from the profession so we wanted to take a moment to look at what it takes to be a Recruitment Consultant and what the job involves!

What would I do as a Recruitment Consultant?

One of the things a lot of people find most challenging about working in recruitment is the need to multitask effectively. At any one time, and typically simultaneously you could be doing any of the following:

  • Searching for and speaking to candidates
  • Attending networking events
  • Conducting market research
  • Meeting with clients
  • Developing new business
  • Writing advertising campaigns
  • Undergoing training and personal development
  • And much more besides…

What does a typical day for a Recruitment Consultant look like?

With the variety of different roles you need to perform in as a recruiter, there’s no easy answer to this question and recruiting with ASC Connections is all about managing your own workload, playing to your strengths and following what works for you and your area of specialism. We work in a mature environment and, although as a sales business we set manageable targets and KPIs, we largely allow people to work in such a way that best suits their individual style.

Would I be successful as a Recruitment Consultant?

This is down to you. We will give you all the tools and personal development you need to be successful, from providing you with the best resources to do your job through to providing on-going training which would be completely tailored to your needs. Our belief is that the ability to succeed in recruitment is based in a large part on personality traits. You will find you’ll be successful if you are self-motivating with a strong desire to be successful; both financially and in terms of achieving career goals.

I have been working in recruitment for some time. Will I fit in at ASC Connections?

Quite simply there’s only one way to find out! We are fully supportive of experienced recruitment professionals who are seeking career development that they aren’t currently getting. We entirely appreciate the need for sensitivity in your job hunt and we would encourage any interested parties to contact us for a confidential chat so if you are wondering if you’d get on with us just get in touch and we’ll have an open and honest conversation.

I have no recruitment experience. How will you help me to succeed?

Everyone has to start somewhere and we are entirely supportive of anyone looking for a career as a Recruitment Consultant. We will place you on a structured induction programme where you will get to know how the world of recruitment works, from negotiation techniques through to how to search databases and much more besides. You will routinely meet with your manager who will work closely with you to focus on the right areas of development for you. Where possible, we will make sure that you start at the same time as another new addition to our team so you have someone else in the same position as you.

I’m interested in working for ASC Connections. What should I do next?

This is an easy one. Just get in touch! We will start with a quick phone call or a if you prefer an informal face-to-face meeting. We will talk to you honestly about what to expect from working with us and we will follow a quick and simple interview process to see whether you are right for us and, importantly, whether we’re right for you!

Call 0121 236 1662 or send us an email with your latest CV and we'll be happy to talk through your interest in working at ASC.

ASC is an equal opportunities employer view our policy here

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