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Design and Development

Design and development continues to be the lifeblood of the UK engineering and manufacturing industry. As a significant proportion of traditional UK based manufacturing has been outsourced abroad, the UK remains as one of the world`s leading centres of excellence for engineering products and systems design.

For many years ASC has worked with some of the most talented professionals within design and development working on a variety of technological and scientific systems  from aircraft, trains, ships, and cars through to military systems, machinery, power distribution systems and more.

Within design, we are always looking to develop relationships with candidates who are skilled in the use of major CAD and solid modelling software from SolidWorks and Pro-Engineer through to CATIA and SolidEdge. The opportunities we offer within Research and Development are as interesting as they are exciting and we can offer you a role that will allow you to develop along with the company you work for as you contribute to their competitiveness in a fast-moving marketplace.

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We have longstanding relationships with some of the best known companies both within the UK and internationally and often on an exclusive basis which allows us to present our candidates with only the best opportunities to support their career development.

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